Ok, 2009-10 Colorado Avalanche - you’ve done it.  By scoring twice to tie the game in the last minute, you’ve finally proven once and for all that a two goal lead really is the worst lead in hockey.  You’ve made your point, we're all convinced.  Can we move on now, please?

  • Considering that it was a game Andy desperately wanted to win, going back to the franchise that let him walk in July - what a rollercoaster ride this game must have been for Andy.  First his team, minus Stewart and Duchene, comes out an lays an absolute egg in Florida and lets one of two offensively dangerous players on Florida, Weiss, score a hat trick before the halfway point. When he was pulled with just under two minutes, he looked dejected.  Then, your team comes back and ties the game and gives you a chance to really stick it to Florida.  And then, your former teammate, Ballard, runs you over and shakes you up badly enough that you have to leave the game.  He must have been really disappointed.
  • We have to be better in the shootouts.  The shootout performance (minus Budaj) was flat out pathetic.
  • How about this Duchene kid, huh?  Right before Thanksgiving, I was contemplating blogging about what a disappointment he had been - glad I didn’t write that one.  All of the sudden, he’s now 4th on the team with 8 goals (more than Svatos and Stastny) tied for 4th on the team with O’Reilly in points with 17.
  • I love that Footer went after Ballard.  Yes, we gave up a short 4-3, but we had a point we didn’t deserve already and the game was more than likely going to a shootout.  Footer made the statement that the constant running over of Andy has to stop.  And this is the first time Andy was forced out of the game following one of these collisions.
  • And I love that Stewart protected Duchene.  These two really seem to have some chemistry - I hope they can both keep it going.
  • These players haven’t done much in the last 5 or so games and need to get their games going: Liles, Tucker, Svatos, McLeod and O’Reilly.