The Avs didn’t have their A game, but they got some puck luck and they found a way to win in Montreal’s home opener.

  • Great to see Ryan O’Reilly get that first one - and for it be such a big one in such a great hockey city.
  • I hope Duchene doesn’t let his buddy’s first goal get to him even more.  Duchene is starting look too frustrated at times.  He needs to relax and play his game -- he’s first will come.  
  • I’d love to see Duchene’s first in Detroit.
  • Come to think of it - I’d love to see Duchene’s first hat trick in Detroit.  
  • The officiating was simply awful.  So bad that it probably evened itself out in the end.  Simply not good enough when both teams have pretty legitimate arguments on why their opponent’s 3rd period goals shouldn’t have counted.
  • We started to see some of that old Darcy Tucker we know and despised.  He was not on the score sheet and took two horrible, unnecessary, selfish penalties in the 3rd period, both when the Avs were clinging to a 1 goal lead - one of them while the Avs were on the PP.  He could have easily cost his team 1 or even 2 points.  
  • What a game for Cumiskey.  The Montreal media name named his first start of the game.  
  • Foote is a much better partner for Cumiskey than Clark is.  He has way more confidence to jump into the play with Footer back there - that takes Cumiskey from being a bit of liability to a dangerous weapon.
  • Anderson continues to be rock solid.  Way to go, Florida…  First you let Luongo go for Bertuzzi, now you let Anderson walk.  The Panthers make the worst personnel decisions in the NHL.
  • What a start for David Jones who has 5 points in 3 games.