Wow - where to start? 

This one was so sweet for so many reasons:

  • Duchene scores his first in Detroit.  (Man, I love this kid.)  With the 'first goal thing' out of the way, look for Duchene to relax a little bit.
  • Duchene - "The most important thing was we won that game. It wouldn't have felt nearly as good if we lost."
  • Stole two points.  Every point is huge - as good as we've started, Calgary is only 2 points behind us for the lead in the Northwest.  
  • Stole a point away from Detroit.  
  • Gave Osgood a loss.  Osgood sucks.
  • This just in: Todd Bertuzzi and Brad May suck.  
  • How many of you thought the game was over when Svatos took that double minor?  (I did.)
  • How many of you thought the game was over when Flippula scored?  (I did.)
  • There is now less chance of O'Reilly going back to juniors than Duchene.  (and I don't believe either will happen.)
  • Wolski sat again in the third period -- didn't even get his guaranteed first shooter in the shootout spot.  You'd better work, Wolly.  
  • Cumiskey is playing the way he needs to, in order to stay in the NHL.  Get used to seeing him get knocked down in his own end, Avs fans.  It comes with the territory.  
  • What they are saying in Detroit: This is classic...