Colorado Avalanche v Phoenix Coyotes

Wow, you couldn’t write a worse ending to a game for the Avs.  Wolski scores in the last minute in a tied game.  Really?  Seriously?  That really happened?  Wotjek “2 goals in 21 games (and one of them was an empty netter)” Wolski?  And to top it off, it was a stoppable shot that Andy let in?  Really? (Expletive!)
  • A really wasted opportunity when the Avs couldn’t score on the 2 min 4-3 PP in the last 10 min of the 3rd.  Yes, they hit the post, but that was about it.  Not nearly enough pressure / desperation for that kind of a situation.
  • Can you imagine how good the Duchene / Mueller line would be if Yip was on the line instead of Stoa?
  • If benching Quincey was supposed to send a message, then he didn’t get it.  It looks like he has no confidence.  Not good.
  • *Uniform nerd alert* Anyone else notice that the 8’s on Mueller and Yelle’s jerseys are too skinny (like the ones they sell at the Altitude Authentics store at the Pepsi Center.)  I’m guessing they’ll get fixed on Sat.
  • That’s all I got tonight - I’m pissed.

Next game: Sat at home against St Louis, 7PM MST