• Well, that was fun.
  • Big night for O'Reilly - I believe it was his first 3 point game of his career.  We're barely into the 2nd quarter of the season and he need 10 points to have a career year.  (I think he's gonna do it.)
  • If you ask me, O'Reilly will be the next captain of the Avs.  
  • Even though he only gave up one goal and made a few nice saves in the first, Varlamov still looked far too uncomfortable in net.  Hopefully, this game starts to rebulid his confidence.
  • Why does Kevin Porter always make the wrong play with the puck?
  • Somehow Jan Hejda was named 3rd star by McNab.  I know he scored the Avs 3rd goal, but other than that, he played average to below average defense all night.
  • I loved the way O'Byrne stuck up for Duchene in the first and fought Clarkson.  Say what you want about this team, but there is no question about whether they are willing to protect each other.
  • This has got to be Brodeur's last season, right?
  • You know it was a good night when you kinda of get sick of hearing the goal song.