• I hate losing winnable games and a game where you outshoot your opponent 41-19 certainly qualifies as winnable.
  • The Avs are now 0-3 at home.  If you want to know why, the only stat you need to look at is 2 goals in 3 games.  I'm sure there are plenty of other interesting stats to look at, but that's the only one that matters.
  • The defense play of Hedja and Kevin Porter on Edmonton's 3rd goal could only be described as "clown shoes".  Hopefully, it was bad enough that Porter will be out of the lineup on Sunday against the Kings.
  • Its great when 2/3 of your 4th line will not be able to score, no matter how golden of a chance they get.
  • Sacco may think that TJ Galiardi isn't playing up to his potential, and he may be right about that, but this team is clearly a worse team with Kevin Porter in the lineup.  (/end Porter rant)
  • Landeskog needs to stop taking goalie interference penalties on PPs.  I don't care if the refs aren't getting the calls quite right, he can't let himself getting pushed into the goalie - he clearly isn't getting the calls.
  • Duchene is one spectacular goal away from getting out of this slump.  Until then, he will be criticized for playing too selfishly.  Hockey is a funny game, isn't it?