• Obvious stuff first - huge goal for Duchene.  Last weekend, he was playing on the forth line in Chicago - you could see him getting better and better in the Calgary and Edmonton games until he finally scored the kind of big goal that he can.  Let's hope this one really gets him going. 
  • It certainly doesn't hurt when he gets to play with Jones.
  • This was easily EJ's best game this season.  Smart solid defense play, no bad TOs, dangerous point shot on PPs.
  • Another solid effort from Kyle Quincey, who had 2 pts and now is tied with Stastny and O'Reilly in the team lead for points with 8.
  • O'Brien also had a wonderful game.  He had more ice time than Hejda.  Some players can get mean if they have to, and some are just mean all of the time.  O'Brien is the latter.
  • LA used to just push around this team.  Not anymore.  Even though they outshot 32-16, Colorado was able to hang with them in a mucky, no neutral zone game.  LA was only able to score on PPs and the Avs ended up outshooting LA 7-6 in the 3rd, even though Colorado got the lead with less than 2 minutes into the period.
  • The Avs have 7 wins this season, however, this is only their 3rd regulation win.