• 1st period shots on goal: Calgary 21, Colorado 5.
  • Even though the Avs came out of that period with the score 1-1, that stat showed Calgary was sharp and working hard and the Avalanche were far from it.
  • Realistically, you're going to have slow starts like these over a 82 game schedule - espeically after having 2+ days between games.  Ideally, you would want your best goalie going (i.e. Varly) so he can steal a game for you.
  • I'm certainly not blaming the loss on Giggy, but I wonder with Varly finds a way to hang on to shots that became rebounds.
  • Duchene was at least visable tonight and almost scored a highlight reel spin-o-rama goal in the 2nd period.  The problem was he looked to be trying to do it all himself. 
  • Dater was tweeting (I thought he wasn't going to tweet during games anymore?) that the team was doomed because Mueller is hurt and they have no 2nd line.  I have two problems with this statement.
  • 1. Who says O'Reilly's line isn't the 1st or 2nd line?  Just because O'Reilly has always been thought of as a 3rd line center doesn't mean that is all he will ever be.  He certainly isn't playing like a 3rd liner now - he is tied with Stastny for the team lead with 7 pts.
  • 2. When Duchene gets out of he slump (and he will) whatever line is plays on will be instantally better and suddenly dangerous.